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Work in Progress

Working Papers

  • Induced Innovation, Inventors, and the Energy Transition
    Conditionally Accepted at AER Insights (2024)
    with Todd Gerarden (Cornell University).
    Working papers: NBER | CESifo | LSE CEP

  • Coordination Dynamics Between Fuel Cell and Battery Technologies in the Transition to Clean Cars
    Accepted at PNAS (2024)
    with Marion Dumas (LSE).

  • Directed Technological Change and General Purpose Technologies: Can AI Accelerate the Clean Energy Innovation?
    with Marion Dumas (LSE) and Pia Andres (LSE).
    Working paper: LSE GRI


  • "Induced Innovation and International Environmental Agreements: Evidence from the Ozone Regime." Accepted at The Review of Economics and Statistics (2023).
    Working papers: CESifo (2023) | LSE CEP (2023) | LSE GRI (2021)

  • "Text as Data in Environmental Economics and Policy." with Marion Dumas and Joelle Noailly. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (2022) | Pdf here

  • "Learning from Unincentivized and Incentivized Communication: A Randomized Controlled Trial in India." with Yonas Alem. Economic Development and Cultural Change (2022) | Pdf here

  • "Green Product Innovation in Industrial Networks: A Theoretical Model." with Marion Dumas. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2021) | Pdf here

Non-Refereed Publications

  • "Support for climate policy researchers." Science (2022). Link here. with Hanna R, Nuñez-Jimenez A, Nock D, Arcusa S, Castellanos S, Davidson MR, Edwards MR, Galeazzi C, Gao X, Graff M, Kennedy KM, Kontou E, Lathwal P, Musa M, O'Rear E, Sivaranjani S, Zhang J, Zhu Q.

  • "Research and Innovation Policies for the Green Transition." Chapter in the 2022 SRIP Report: Science, Research and Innovation Performance of the EU. Link to chapter here. Link to full report here.

Other Publications

  • "Assessing Reliability of Electricity Grid Services from Space: The Case of Uttar Pradesh, India." with Ryan Kennedy , Myriam Shiran and Johannes Urpelainen. Energy for Sustainable Development (2022)
    Pdf here

  • "Satellite Data for the Social Sciences: Measuring Rural Electrification with Night-Time Lights." with Ryan Kennedy and Johannes Urpelainen. International Journal of Remote Sensing 39, no. 9 (2018): 2690-2701.

  • "Geographic and Socio-Economic Barriers to Rural Electrification: New Evidence from Indian Villages." with Ruinan Liu and Johannes Urpelainen. Energy Policy 106 (2017): 278-287.

  • "Relative Deprivation and Energy Poverty: When Does Unequal Access to Electricity Cause Dissatisfaction?" with Johannes Urpelainen. International Journal of Energy Research 38, no. 13 (2014): 1727-1740.


At LSE, I teach lectures and seminars on the following courses:

  • GY222: Applied Environmental Economics
  • GY475: Issues in Environmental Governance
  • GY426: Environmental adn Resource Economics

I am also the course coordinator for GY222: Applied Environmental Economics.


    Eugenie Dugoua
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